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Literary Café
featuring Corin Raymond's Bookworm
Monday, July 13  8:30pm
Memorial Hall

Bookworm is the story of a father reading to his son. It’s also about growing up in a library, Spiderman, Ray Bradbury, and meeting the Minotaur for the first time just outside Wawa. A one-man play written and performed by Corin Raymond, Bookworm is an ode to books and everyone who loves them, and has been performed at Fringe Festivals across Canada, receiving rave reviews. Corin will follow the performance of Bookworm with a selection of his songs, many of which have earned him a reputation as a source of great material for those who love to sing a good story. Corin is an artful and highly engaging storyteller, whether through the media of music, words, or drama.   

Tickets: $12
Would you like adult or student/senior tickets? 
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