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Saturday, April 30, 8:00pm
Harrison Memorial Hall
Tickets: $22.00 
“Greg has an easy and effortless way with a melody and a hook. He’s a natural troubadour, and his songs will get inside your head and have you humming long after you hear them.”
Paolo Pietropaolo – CBC Music
Greg Drummond’s beginnings as a songwriter are not with the grandeur that many musicians claim to have started with—they are humble and they are honest. Growing terrified with the concept of his monotonous corporate lifestyle, he saved up enough money to live off of for a year and quit his sales job to pursue his passion—a career in music. It was not the perceived glamour of a rock-star’s life that called him to the profession; it was the struggle to earn his living through his art form.
Greg Drummond’s current music style shows influence from the era of traditional Appalachian Folk music with a modern Southern Rock transformation. Greg’s true strength in music lies in his songwriting. His songs are stories of struggle, adventure, and the crazy experiences of life. Paired with his deep and distinguishing voice and toe-tapping melodies, Greg’s lyricism allows his audience to be transported to a place and time offering them an escape from their comfortable reality. For those that are close to Greg, they know him as an incredibly prolific songwriter.
“Watching Greg onstage I thought he had the stage presence that I’d imagine Johnny Cash having, raw, full of energy, simple and all about the music…The show was nothing short of amazing, even prompting one audience member to buy not one copy of Drive but Ten, and then handing them out to others in the crowd.”
 Heather Young - Canadian Beats

For our final concert of our season, we welcome an artist who made a splash at the 2015 Bands on the Beach event in Harrison. Born and raised in Port Moody BC, Greg Drummond is known for his deep, distinguishable voice and style of songwriting that combines fun, infectious melodies with stories of a slightly darker tone. He tackles a wide variety of subjects including sleepless nights, drinking alone, finding redemption in love, soul searching, and pushing forward in the face of ongoing challenges. On his 2015 album “Drive”, Greg has beautifully accompanied these themes through the tones of old hollow body guitars, gorgeous group harmonies, rolling train beat percussion and a section of horn players that elevates the entire album. Greg’s songs are guaranteed to inspire self-reflection and contemplation of some of life’s wonder, mystery, and despair. He is also know for a commanding stage presence that draws audiences in to listen closely to what he has to say, or brings them to their feet in celebration. Come hear this talented young songwriter who is garnering a significant buzz throughout BC and across the country, with his strong band of players.


     Tickets available:
     on line: 'Purchase Tickets' link above
     by phone: (604) 796-3664
     In person: Agassiz Shoppers Drug Mart