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Saturday, October 24 8:00pm
Harrison Memorial Hall
Tickets: $22.00
"…one of the most original and captivating artistic groups to appear in Canada for years"
Mozaico Flamenco presents "Vinetas del Mozaico"!              
Mozaico Flamenco Dance Theatre is a dance company with a reputation for challenging cultural and artistic stereotypes in flamenco. First formed in 1972 by acclaimed flamenco maestro, Oscar Nieto, the company was re-established in 2003 as a collaboration between Nieto and Kasandra “La China”. Since its beginnings, Mozaico Flamenco has tested the boundaries of traditional flamenco by challenging the notion that only Spanish gitanos (gypsies) can achieve purity in this art and by infusing classic forms with unexpected influences such as jazz, pop, and Latin rhythms.The company's show Viñetas del Mozaico continues and extends the Mozaico legacy, pushing the boundaries of flamenco in new, innovative directions, blending world music and visual artistry with the rhythms, passion and technical discipline of flamenco dance.
Vinetas del Mozaico is a colourful flamenco dance spectacular, directed by Kasandra “La China”, that showcases a dozen performers in twelve dance vignettes, world percussionists and new belly dance/flamenco fusion with one of Vancouver’s foremost belly dancers, Ashley Kirkham. The show celebrates virtuosity and expression, through the use of Spanish castanets and zills, Chinese fans & silk veils, Sevillan shawls and rapid-fire footwork! Viñetas del Mozaico imagines a varied cultural mixture. Each piece showcases a new inspiration, a new exploration, and a new interpretation of flamenco artistry. This unique performance promises to transport audiences to a magical, imaginative place anything can happen!
Performers: Kasandra "La China", Flamenco Dancer Ashley Kirkham, Bellydancer Andrea Williams, Flamenco Dancer Davide Sampaolo, Cajon Percussionist Tim Gerwing, Darbuka Percussionist

Watch these highlights from "Cafe de Chinitas", held at the Mozaico Flamenco Dance Theatre 
     Tickets available:
     on line: 'Purchase Tickets' link above
     by phone: (604) 796-3664
     In person: Agassiz Shoppers Drug Mart

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